Student leads in the Multicultural Club in one Toronto high school

What happens after school on Thursdays, at St. Mary Catholic Academy?

Kristin Settlement Workers in Schools News

An incredibly diverse group of newcomer youth are developing their leadership skills in the Multicultural Club for Newcomer Youth. We have about 25 participants, and we meet with them every Thursday after school, for about two hours.  Through joining and participating in the Multicultural Club, youth can earn volunteering hours, practice leadership skills, receivee assistance with communication and writing skills, …

First Halloween for newcomer students

Kristin Settlement Workers in Schools News

Newcomer students participated in their first Halloween on October 31, at Ryerson Community School.  They were so excited to make their first Jack-o-Lantern at Monday Club! Huayu is one of many newcomers to Canada who had never celebrated Halloween. He asked Lucy, “Oh my God, how could people put such awful things in front of their houses?”. His mom took him trick-or-treating …

Newcomer Orientation Week —- NOW

Lisa Settlement Workers in Schools News

Newcomer Orientation Week (NOW) program this year at Central Toronto Academy along with Harbord Collegiate Institute was the most well attended and successful program in a few years. We had a full house of 41 newcomer students from varying backgrounds and all over the world taking part in 4 days of peer-driven and led activities to ease their integration to …