ROMCAN program increases access to cultures of the world

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On  November 20, 2018, CultureLink joined the Royal Ontario Museum’s 10th anniversary celebration of the ROMCAN program. ROMCAN provides 850 free tickets a year for CultureLink participants and clients. This opportunity to see and learn about the diverse and rich cultural histories of the world brings a wealth of community enjoyment and connections.

The sweet taste of success

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Mohamad arrived in Canada in 2015. He was 27 years old, knew some English and had lived in completely different cultures and countries all his life. He had worked in the food industry cooking and making sweets. He owned a pizza restaurant in Syria. He lived in Egypt and Turkey before coming to Canada so got used to adapting to …

Winter is here! Enjoy the season with CultureLink

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Newcomers Explore and Appreciate Toronto (NEAT) is a mentorship program developed to help newcomers gain hands-on experience in event planning and project management. Through this program, we offer FREE guided tours and outdoor activities throughout the year. In the winter, we call it Wintegration! In the past many winters, two of our most popular activities have been trip to the Maple Syrup …

Women’s Empowerment Session

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On November 17, 2018, the Women’s Empowerment Session wrapped up and 25 women and 17 children came out to join in a celebration. Women shared testimonials about the importance of getting involved in the community and they all received certificates of involvement as participants and volunteers. Funded by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services, this program has also …