More Life (Skills) Workshop Series:

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We are excited to announce that we have partnered with the Toronto Youth Equity Strategy (TYES) to deliver a series of crime prevention workshops for youth aged 12 to 17 living in the west-end of the City. Please find the flyer here.  Using hip hop and popular culture, More Life (Skills) is series of 8 workshops developed to support youth …

Youth Volunteers Needed– Global Roots Garden

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Sankofa is a group of programs designed to support the healthy and positive development of newcomer, out of status, LGBT, racialized and underserved youth ages 13-29. This is done by delivering highly engaging set of programs for and by youth that focus on physical and mental health, the arts and environmental stewardship. In partnership with The Stop Community Food Centre, …

Working Together – Intergenerational Project

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“Youth in Arts” and CultureLink’s Senior’s program has worked together every week on a youth-lead project, The Inter-Generational Story Telling. In partnership with the Toronto Reference Library, youth and seniors have met weekly in the evenings and have received training on different video editing software to improve their skills with digital technology. In addition, the youth have been interviewing the seniors on their …

LGBTQ+ Newcomer Youth Needs Are Important

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Support and services for LGBTQ+ newcomers are very important. This is all the more so for newcomer youth. Amongst the many challenges of being adolescent, the fear of not fitting in is one that is highlighted double-fold for a newcomer LGBTQ+ youth.

Sankofa Youth Drop-in Program

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Sankofa CultureLink Youth is a peer-supported positive space for newcomer LGBTQ+ youths, newcomer girls and refugee youths (aged 15-29) seeking discrimination-free and culturally inclusive services.