Become a Public Speaking Mentor

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Volunteer Mentors will help newcomer participants practice Public Speaking and relevant skills in a small group setting. Successful mentors must commit for the program duration and some extra hours as required by the program.

Mentors must be fluent in English with knowledge and life experience in Canada of five years or more. Mentors are matched with participants for extra support and guidance.

Mentors must have experience in public speaking, coaching, group facilitation and have the ability to engage participants of varying skills and language levels. Experience working with immigrants/ refugees would be an asset as group participants are mostly newcomers.

Exceptional communication and people skills are required. Additional skills that would be assets are: flexibility (in terms of program delivery), creativity, self-motivation and bringing new ideas/ activities to support learning of the newcomer participants.

Mentors would be expected to develop program material/offer short presentations to achieve the program objectives.

Mentors are required to attend mandatory orientation session.

Police clearance and reference check is required.

Mentors will receive certificate of appreciation at the end of the program.

Program Structure:

Currently, this program is designed to run bi-weekly for 7 consecutive weeks and once in a year!

Each session is 2.5 hours long which includes presentation, discussion on related topics and hands-on practice and homework assignments (if required).

The last session is generally about presenting final speeches (if the attendees decide to do so) followed by group photos, awarding certificates and a potluck party.

Please contact Rubeen for any questions or further details at 416-588-6288 x 231 |

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NEATwalk_Exploring Flora and Fiona of Toronto East

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Join us on a tour of:
1- Allan Gardens
2- Cabbagetown
3- Riverdale Farm & Riverdale Park

Toronto has much to cater to everyone’s sense of adventure, be it high skyscrapers, verdant parks, or enchanting neighbourhoods. On this walk, we will introduce you to one of the iconic Heritage Districts, share some fun activities and trivia, and finally end with a relaxing picnic lunch on a hilltop overlooking the city skyline. NEAT Buddies look forward to having you with us on this walk 🙂

What to bring:

1- Something for the sun: sunscreen, hats, umbrellas
2- Something for yourself: water, snacks, hand sanitizer, comfortable clothes and walking shoes, picnic lunch!
3- Something to keep the memory: cameras, phones

1- The nearest TTC to Allan Gardens is College (on line 1) or Queen’s Park (on line 1). From either of these stations, you can take bus 506 east-bound to Jarvis St to reach our meetup point.
2- Kindly note that we aim to reach the picnic spot at 12:45 – 1:00PM hence you may want to have sufficient breakfast or bring some snacks.

TTC tokens = limited TTC tokens are available for newcomers (landed immigrants and convention refugees).
If you are eligible, please contact Rubeen at 416-588-6288 x 231 or via email

Training at Work

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A 25 years old client, knew some English, had lived in a completely different culture and country all his life and had worked as a music teacher back home.
He wondered how he would find a job in his new home. He couldn’t work in the music teaching field due to language and certification barriers, so he started looking for a survival job in another field. Through his neighbor who was a CultureLink client, he came to know about the Hospitality Language Training Program which was conducted at CultureLink in partnership with Hospitality Workers Training Centre (HWTC). So, he joined the program and improved his language skills so he could communicate and express himself, and then, he joined the HWTC to get training as housekeeping staff.
After he finished his technical training and was awarded WHMIS and Room Attendant Certificates, he got employed through HWTC at One King West Hotel. He thought this was exactly what he needed at this stage. He was able to network, pay his bills and to start searching for possible ways to get certified as a music teacher, so he might pursue his passion in his new home.
Nah Children's Choir

Nai’s Canada Day concert and the presentation in D.C. were a resounding success

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Our live concert in Toronto and the special presentation at the Kennedy Centre in Washington D.C took place simultaneously on July 1st. I wish you were there at the Aga Khan Museum to share that memorable evening with us. In the latter part of the concert all audience members joined in to sing along – that was simply beautiful . Several parents in the audience were moved to tears to see their children shine on the stage. Feedback from the general public was also very positive. Ibrahim’s welcome speech was both nostalgic and forward-looking which lifted everyone’s spirit. All our children and musicians, including Mona Haydar, did a stunning job to earn waves of enthusiastic applauses throughout the concert.
Our staff Nadeen and Esmaeel worked very hard to make this happen. We are glad that Nai as the smallest and newest CultureLink program presented the organization the best way possible locally and internationally.
We are still sorting out the pictures and videos of our live concert in Toronto. Stay tuned to our news blog on Nai website. But now you are able to watch the full concert at the Kennedy Centre in Washington D.C. on July 1st where our choir was presented during the live concert despite us being unable to travel to do it in person. The Washington D.C. concert was livestreamed and is available on YouTube . Because of our special circumstances, the Kennedy Centre made an extraordinary exception to allow us to recognize the organization behind the choir and the funders who’ve made our presence at the Kennedy Centre possible. So you can actually see the credits and logos at the end of our performance. There were about 2400 live audience in that concert.
Now our choir breaks for summer until end of July when we resume for a two-week full-time summer camp. Please continue sending us good vibes.
Thank you for your support. Have a wonderful summer!

Leader in the making – Muhammad Hassan Majeed -Peer Leader – Central Technical School

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Muhammad Hassan Majeed arrived in Canada from Pakistan at the age of 13 and just about to enter high school. It was the summer of 2016. He spoke very little English and was extremely shy. In September 2016 he began classes in Grade 9 at Central Technical School. Through his ESL teachers, he soon found out about the NOW club. He became a member and started participating in the activities.
As Hassan learned more about his school and community and gained confidence, he felt that he in turn could help newcomer students. He was successfully recommended by his teacher’s for the position as a Peer Leader for the NOW (Newcomer Orientation Week) program.
Being a Peer Leader helped Hassan to gain much needed confidence and the workshops and other opportunities presented helped him to improve his leadership and strengthen his public speaking skills. In addition to leading the NOW program workshops and information sessions, Hassan went on to be treasurer of the Student Council in 2016 – 2017 and was voted Vice President for the 2017 – 2018 school year.
Hassan announced at our Peer Leader gathering that he will be running for President of the Student Council for the 2018 – 2019 school year.
Hassan has grown tremendously through his experiences with the NOW club, and with the support of the Settlement Workers and other Peer Leaders. He in turn is now one of the students that looks out for other newcomers to help them in their orientation to their new country and school.
The elections for President of the Central Technical School student council will be held on June 5th , 2018. We thank Hassan for all his contributions to the NOW club and the support he has given to the newcomer students. We wish him all the best in the upcoming election and his future endeavors.

(Another) Hike at the picturesque Rouge National Urban Park

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On June 14th, staff from ParkBus’s NatureLink initiative and Parks Canada welcomed back another large group of participants to the Rouge National Urban Park – this time, to the Rouge Marsh and Beach sector.

Upon arrival, participants took part in an interactive “10 Essentials to Bring Along for Hiking” conducted by Parks Canada’s Learn to Camp outreach team. From there, the group split into two smaller groups – one headed and took the foot bridge towards the Pickering side and the other group did a guided hike along the soft sands of the Rogue beach.
The participants were mostly Mandarin/ Cantonese speaking seniors who had never had the opportunity to explore much outside the boundaries of downtown Toronto. They were delighted and grateful to have the opportunity to learn more about the park, enjoy the peace and tranquility of these scenic views and spotting some wild life along the way. The weather was cool, the sun was up and everyone was in great spirits!
This trip would not have been possible without the generous support from Park Bus and Parks Canada.