CultureLink Mentorship Program


The Wintegration Program offers welcoming and accessible opportunities for newcomers of all ages to participate in outdoor winter activities and to start developing a healthy habit of staying active year around from the onset of their settlement process.

During the winter months, Wintegration provides newcomers with a variety of free trips and events (weather and budget permitting) such as skating, tobogganing, walking/ hiking, making snow creations and much more. Planned and organized by experienced mentors and newcomer peer volunteers, these activities generally run from December to mid-April (weather permitting) and engage hundreds of newcomers into fun, safe and heartwarming winter activities.

In the course of the winter with Wintegration, we will:

  •   explore Canadian culture (winter sports, activities and customs)
  •   learn and/or improve the skill in skating, skiing, sledging, etc.
  •   increase well-being (physical, mental and emotional)
  •   meet new people (networking and socializing)
  •   have a chance to spend a quality active time with the family

For more information on our Wintegration programs, please contact Rubeen at 416-588-6288 X231.